Thursday, March 19, 2015

Coming Down


Coming Down


Naege wasseotji geuttaeui niga boyeo oh
Nungama niga isseul jeueume nan nan neoui nunbiche

I know ikkeullime michyeosseotji
Nuneul ttara gan ni modeun geot

Geu maeryeoge nan ppajyeoisseo neol barabogon
Geudaero immatchugo

Geudaero sigani meomchwobeoryeosseumyeon jigeum neowa hamkkeilkka
Niga bogo sipeo jigeum neol chajaga pume ango jami deulmyeon

No matter how deep and no matter how far you’d be
Looking for you in my dreams i never stop and
I feel warmth whenever you’re near now that you’re here
Play the song of our love let the music flow
Never stop you and i side by side
Lay in my bed and we can all pretend
Nothing’s to blame you know what i want
And i know what you want but wait i’m alone
Without your touch you know i go insane

Urin siganeul neukkiji motaesseotji eueum
Eodum sok boiji anchiman nan nan nan neoui sumgyeore

I know geochireojin sumsorie
Hyanggil ttara gan geu nunbiche
Geu maeryeoge nan ppajyeo isseo neol angoseoneun

Hajiman jigeum neon nae gyeote eobseo
Nahollo namasseo
Ni heunjeongman nameun nae bang apeseo, oh
Apeseo nan hanbal jjakdo tteji motae apa waseo

When i dream about the love that we made
I see a blue sky shiny stars a blue bird flying high
And i feel your love whenever you’re near now that you’re here
Start the dance of our love let the rhythm flow
Never stop you and i dance all night
Spend the night and you’d be mine
Then we can all pretend nothing’s to blame
You know what i want and i know what you want
But wait you’re not here without your love
You know i go insane


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