Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tango The Night

Ga In (BEG)

Tango The Night

Why are you such in a rush?
This night has just started
You can’t take away my heart with such hasty greed

Why are you playing hard to get?
You must know better that
It’s better to just give up your trivial pride

*Now close your eyes and leave your body to the rythm
Slowly as your heart pleases
Now try to move
More slowly, more slowly
More still, more still
I’m here
I can wait for you
Come close to me more slowly
Wake me up in a more still way
If you want me
Dance something that I’ve never seen before

**Make me cry, make me laugh
So I can totally forget that memory, that scar

Give up, give it all up
Cause there’s no use anymore
Cause poor braveness is like a piece of paper here


**Repeat (X2)

Make me dream, make me dance
Wake my heart up
Make me dance again


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