Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So Pretty (너무 예뻐)


So Pretty (너무 예뻐)

I didn’t say anything today
I couldn’t say anything today
I tried to confess to you
But I was so nervous that I couldn’t

You’re such a good dresser
Whatever you do, you’re different
You’re my perfect ideal girl
Only one in the world

* You’re so pretty, you you you
You are unbelievable
You’re so pretty, your eyes, nose, ears
I want to kiss those lips

** You’re so pretty, you you you
You’re so dazzling, I can’t look at you
You’re so pretty, your eyes, nose, ears
Your bright red lips
Make it hard for me

And it goes like – when I see you, I feel like flying
Baby, but why aren’t you looking at me?
You’re like a gem (why)
Baby you’re a diamond
I have fallen for your spell, what do I do?

If you want, I’ll change – your chic way of talking
Your complaining – I can accept it all
You change me

I don’t care (I don’t care)
That’s OK (That’s OK)
Baby baby baby my girl

* Repeat

** Repeat

Don’t take notice to other people’s words
I’ll hold your hand tightly when you’re before me
Now I’ll confess to you
It’s time girl, let me tell you how I feel

Today, your lips look especially more luscious
Everyday, I deceive and tell myself that you’re my girlfriend
Girl, if I can date you, I think I can do anything
Wait here, I’ll go catch that bluebird for you

* Repeat

** Repeat

source: http://cjklyrics.com/c-clown-so-pretty1.html

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