Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love Run

Amber f(x)

Love Run

I remember what you used to call me
I loved it even after listening to it hundreds of times a day
So much that I couldn’t even express it

I sat on an empty street, an alleyway without you
Looking at the busy people passing by
In case I see you and hold you tight

Here I am, here I stay, time won’t stop
In front of me, far away, I see the back that I missed, and it’s calling out to me

I’m running to you, love run
My heart is pounding at this moment, every moment
I’m running to you, love run
Little by little, every moment, I’m getting closer
Once again, run, I run, until you come back
To my love, my love, because you’re the one
I can’t forget the memories of you
So I keep love run, love run, love run

When I open my eyes, I realized it was just a sweet dream
I’m still just alone in this long and tiring day

Here I am, here I stay, I ran here without stopping
Going around and around, night and day
But I was just wandering around the same place

Just wait a little more
That’s all you said to me
And I’m waiting a little more, waiting a little more
I’ll be right here, please will you come back some day?

I’m running to you, love run
To you, love run

Here I am, here I stay


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