Thursday, February 26, 2015

If Only

Na Yoon Kwon

If Only

When my lips quietly call out that name
When my heart sinks as I’m saying it

I start to think, if only I read your eyes at that last moment
Wouldn’t we have not broken up?

I didn’t know what love was even when it was right next to me
I thought it was just like breathing
If only I hugged you, if only I didn’t leave you alone
Would it have been different?
Would you still have been by my side?

When I stop walking when I hear the song we listened to together
When my body hurts from the alcohol that my heart drank

I start to think, if only I was different to you at that last moment
Would you be smiling next to me?

I didn’t know what breaking up was, even when we were right in front of it
I thought it was a dream and I was just tossing and turning for a bit
If only I held onto you, if only I ran to you back then
Would it have been different?
Would we have been able to avoid breaking up?

Days you spent by my side
All the things that made me cry and laugh
All the memories of a person called you
Can I live with those things?

If only I can look at you just for a moment
If only I can hug you
Just for one moment, once again


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