Saturday, February 7, 2015

I Have Someone In My Mind (그런 사람이 생겼어)


I Have Someone In My Mind (그런 사람이 생겼어)

I have someone who makes me smile just by thinking of her
I have someone who makes my heart beat again
Whenever, wherever I am, she keeps floating up in my head
She keeps coming into my eyes, I keep concerning about her
I want to run to her and protect her

* The only one person in the world, my destiny-like person
A person who I wouldn’t mind giving everything to
Until my breath runs out, until my heart shatters
A person who I will love and love again
Thank you for letting me meet you, thank you for being you

I have someone who reads my heart without saying a word
I have someone who makes me happy just by looking at her
She’s so precious that I’m scared that she might disappear
I want to keep her by my side and look at her by myself
I want to tell her that I love her

* Repeat

If you’re struggling at anytime, you can lean on me in my embrace
Even if everyone changes and leaves, I’ll stay with you till the end
I will be there, I’ll always be there, because I’m your man till eternity
I’ll cherish you, I’ll make you smile everyday because that’s the reason I live
The best thing I’ve done since I was born was to meet you


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