Monday, January 19, 2015


Drunken Tiger


Jay Park)
I’m a guy whose legs are short but my skills are long
I’m a guy that people are jealous of because they can’t do it like me
I’m a guy who’s only human so I make some mistakes
I’m a guy who comes back in 2 years and right away is number 1
When everyone left me and no one was next to me
I had no where to lean but I didn’t fall down
I’m not on an airplane but I’m at the same height as the birds
Even if people’s looks toward me are cold like -8 degrees, I’m still ok
People are jealous of my movie-like life so I have a lot of enemies
I resurrected from the dead, I look toward the light once again
Just when you’re about to forget me, I appear like a ghost
Whatever show I go to, I make it my concert
I’m a living legend, I mark history

* First of my kind you can address me by Your Majesty
You can’t do what I does so just clap for me
You can’t learn this no matter who teaches you
So when I grab the mic, just sit there and clap
Just clap clap clap clap clap clap
Clap clap clap clap clap clap
Just clap clap clap clap clap clap
Clap clap clap clap clap clap

Tiger JK)
I’m a guy who doesn’t have great hits but a guy who has a long pulse
I hate myself, filled with regrets – I’m a guy who is jealous of you for being so well off
I’m a guy who’s only human so I make mistakes every year
I’m a guy who will get off and brush myself off and keep going forward even when I fall down
All you family members who left, please don’t misunderstand and please come home
It’s a short life, oh please don’t leave me alone
It’s a battle between crime and punishment, sun and moon, earth and star
The quarrel between my side and yours
Hearts filled with jealousy and revenge are now filled with love and forgiveness and peace – my last choice yeah
This world is trapped in a big eye above the pyramid anyway
If we gather together and flip it over, the pyramid becomes flat
Only make mistakes once but practice twice and repeat
All the love that comes toward me is inside my heart
When my rap is about to end, clap for me, carrying the pain

* repeat

Yoon Mirae)
I spit fire, Queen of the Empire, no denying I’m the flyest
Anything that I desire its mine, its just a matter of time
No need to battle with rhymes I got a hammer that’ll shatter your mind
Your strategy badly designed I can tell by your moves
And I can tell that you shook by the look on your crew
But y’all don’t really want it with us my team is full of hitters
And I’m considered one of the illest female spitters on the planet
The haters can’t stand it but the fans demand it
And they manage to never take us for granted
And so I show love back and bare my soul on the track
Sing my heart out with raps so that y’all can know that
I appreciate the love as well as the hate
Cause I continue making hits that’ll sell out the gates
And I’ll continue rocking shows that’ll sell out dates
And continue to tell the snakes to stay the hell out my face I’m saying

* repeat

Once again
AOM and The Jungle
Jay Park, Tiger JK, Tasha
We makin history


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